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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[ russian accent ] yes, my name is vitaly yurchenko. i am phoning you from the telephone box in front of the embassy. i am senior counterintelligence colonel in the kgb... and i wish to defect. >> freeseas temperatures.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. out, butow is moving temperatures are dropping. icy conditions could follow. we will bring you the latest on the developing weather situation with live team coverage. coming up shortly. schools are close in loudoun county and frederick county as well as effort counties. we will have complete information on the screen tonight. >> we will start with what we can expect tonight and through the commute tomorrow. doug hill has all the answers.
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>> light snow here. 31 degrees now. let's get right to doppler radar. we have seen this all day and all night. slowly moving from west to east. see that thely package is moving through the metro area. the snow will continue east along the shore. all part of the big storm. still a lot of rain offshore. that snow is coming down the coastline. precipitation is coming to an end. colombia maryland and howard county, five inches. 2.5 inches in winchester. in the district, 1.5 inches of snow. the snow -- winter storm warnings have been dropped. east of the metro area they will continue a while longer. cold. temperatures, 14-21. winds of 20 miles per hour.
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gusting over 40 mile per hour at times. that is why there is a wind advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. is going to be very cold. that is the problem. freezing. some of the rows will not have time to evaporate. they will free solidly. traffic could be in over -- an issue overnight and in the morning. they were closed for several hours as snow fell. roads are back open and traffic is easing out. it has been a long haul for road crows trying to keep ahead of the snow. we continue the team coverage in leesburg. has not been pretty. all the main roads. the dulles toll road. mess. to top it all off, the storm unfolded right in the middle of the commuter our. -- hour.
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>> this day after new year's storm began with a rain snow mix. words of warning. >> coming down pretty heavily. >> from the district of northern scrambledroad crew to clear the snow. >> long night tonight. >> is what they and nighttime drivers ran into. >> it was a blizzard. >> the dulles toll road packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. loudoun county roads rapidly snow-covered. difficult commute into a nightmare. the 267ead-end of greenway turned into a dead-end stop. traffic was backed up by icy roads and numerous light offed -- slide offs. worry about what would happen with the upcoming
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friday cold snap. >> it is freezing up. that is why we need to get them running early. >> five it all drivers are some of the few enjoying this. >> i like it. i get to make some money. >> or the rest of us, this sudden storm equals misery on the roads. >> -- go slowly. ,> the further west you went the worst it got. they are dealing with 2-3 inches of snow in leesburg. the big concern is on the roads. all this will refreeze tonight. that will make for a challenging commute for tomorrow. in leesburg, richard reeve. >> challenging indeed. in maryland, the dot is operating out of the snow emergency plan in several counties. that includes frederick county. time -- tom roussey is there
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with the latest. >> the snow has finally stopped. if it looks like it is snowing ultimate, that is because is falling off the trees. this is the main drag through downtown, looking pretty good -- go to sites greets looking pretty good. you go to sidestreets, and you see more snow. as the afternoon came to evening, the snow started laying on the grass and trees and finally on the roads. as the inches kept piling up in frederick, for many it was time to get to work. he says some storms can make you want to do this. he he felt fine tonight as went out to shovel for folks. >> the gentleman right here has a bad heart and cannot do it. i said i would do it for him. the lady next door is like 70, so i do it for her as well.
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parking lotto keep ice free. -- tonight, his job got harder. with the snow emergency in effect, plows worked to keep roads clear but it has been rough going in some spots. even though the snow led to more work for some, if you did not have to drive, it was very pretty. >> is gorgeous. perfect right now. not too heavy. >> back out here live, this was a heavy, wet snow. the kind that sticks to trees. as far as how much we got, this trashcan maybe the vest way to show you. it was right around three or four inches. more than they have seen in a while. very excited about the snow. live in downtown frederick. >> we need to get you a bodyguard, tom.
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thank you very much. the snow is sticking to the roads in the district as well. , including at out the national mall. if you do not have to be out, it is less to stay inside and wait for the crews to get out there. >> if you are trying to fly, it is a bit of a headache. thousands of flights got canceled. delays in chicago's major airport. delays and cancellations are continued -- expected to continue at this time. snow totals could top two feet. snow could be reaching 18 inches. roads are closed. 10 inches is expected in new york. weather -- our weather team has you covered all hours of the day. start covering it early
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tomorrow. stay tuned to abc seven and on, nsa leaker edward the times suggested he be granted clemency. >> some in the intelligence community are urging the president to make some kind of a deal. >> the ground seems to be shifting on what to do with the leaker snowden. papers have secrets, they are calling for a plea bargain. the times says, considering the enormous volume of the information he has revealed and the abuses he has exposed, mr. snowden deserves better than a life of permanent exile.
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some folks are torn. >> it is a hard question. the guided some bad stuff -- the guy did some bad stuff. >> i'm not sure what i feel about it. the first up would be to come back to the states. then we can go through a proper discussion. obama did seemed to dismiss the idea. >> this has done unnecessary damage to u.s. intelligence capabilities and u.s. diplomacy. -- others wewe spoke with agreed. >> anytime you give our enemies information, -- >> we should let the justice system do what it is going to do. -- ie guardian urges the
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am roz plater, abc 7 news. >> ross, thank you so much. stealing with the redskins name. a poll shows support for the name. shows 71% oppose a name change. 18% support it. 11% were undecided. the poll was conducted in the middle of december. >> a possible break in a murder mystery tonight. >> a man accused of killing a brings up more questions. >> a social media site falls victim to hackers. >> many want him to shut down. but he is not taking the hint. >> you are watching abc.
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with leon harris. she's -- chief meteorologist doug hill. at 11s abc seven news :00. on your side. >> a man is in police custody
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tonight. californiaureka, arrested the man. killing ased of priest. he was released just hours before the murder. >> based on the evidence, it looks like there was some level of struggle. in the parsonage. >> an autopsy is to get jewel for saturday to determine an exact cause of death. there is no indication the two men knew each other. >> developments in minneapolis where investigators discovered a body outside of burned out building. one person is still unaccounted for at the scene. the explosion and fire injured 14 people, six critically. possibleclude a natural gas leak. >> hackers have struck again.
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this time they stole names and numbers from 5 million snapchat users. users posted information online. site'snted to expose the vulnerabilities. another group calling itself the syrian electronic army hacked into sites belonging to skype. >> rob ford the toronto mayor is not giving up. for hise calling resignation. the city council voted to sick -- strip ford from his powers after he admitted to buying and using crack cocaine. he says he will stay in office and let the voters decide his future. he is the first candidate to apply for the october election. until september to file. >> let's sketch -- switch gears and talk about the big story today, the weather. it is dicey out there. >> everything is winding down. by midnight, things should be better.
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the doppler radar, we have seen this straight -- trend, the back end of the snow was moving west to east. it will continue longer east of the city. and especially in eastern shore. this is part of the developing system. a lot of the rain off of coastal waters. temperatures are slightly warmer. a lot colder as the coastal storm flows up. a lot of precipitation in the lower bay. the storm is one winding up as we go -- corresponding increase in winds. that will transport the cold air down. more reports of snowfall. leesburg, four inches. inches.ome in two 1.5 inches in alexandria. a couple of other numbers -- five in columbia. two inches in herndon. kind of in that ballpark. if you a lyders was slightly more snow.
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-- a few outliers with slightly more snow. only three degrees in boston. below zero in maine. as that storm develops, it is a short drive in the hemisphere from qu├ębec and southern canada down into the u.s. the weather service has dropped warning for us. we still have winter weather advisory's. blizzard warning's continuing along long island. all the way up along the coast of massachusetts. this is a big storm. boston metro area can pick up 18 inches or two feet inland. have our own issues. that will be from falling temperatures and the winds. or wind advisory in effect until tomorrow for the entire area. winds 30 miles per hour come
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augustine close to 45-50. a wind chill advisory. with the snow on the ground and temperatures at or just below freezing, we have issues enough. but as we get to the overnight and into the morning, temperatures will get down into the teens and lower 20's. the snow will free solidly. area southeast of this city that have been seen rain, those temperatures will rapidly fall at by sunrise. snow that is solidly frozen will cause problems. havee radio tonight, we seen the traffic reports and there are numerous accidents. people spinning out or off of ramps. please be careful. we are only getting the upper teens and lower 20's for highs.
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but we will warm up on saturday. sunshine, into the mid 30's. sunday evening, maybe some rain for the next system. these are the temperatures. 23. lots of sun. but it will not be enough to warm us up. here is what we have. 18-23 tomorrow and windy. 36 on saturday. 35 some rain. monday, the temperature will fall through the day. down to 10 degrees monday night. bitterly cold tuesday and wednesday. warming up by thursday next week. >> a lot to cover tomorrow. thanks, doug. getting.ust was local college fastball tonight. with all the ice and snow,
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> us knowing i in washington. the caps picked up a point against the carolina hurricanes. but the washington inconsistencies continued. start of the second. he will take this thing and shoot abb. -- a beebee. this is all you have to see in overtime. the cap started over. taking it back the other way. two jeff skinner. third goal of the night. the hurricanes beat the all caps. the final, 4-3. they lost to loyola, 63-50
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seven. let me take you over to the -- patrick calloway -- went on to beat penn, 80-77. let's go to the nba. he and warriors. didn't even touch -- the alley- oop. miami,riors when it in 123-114. 123-114. in miami, the redskins search for a head coach seems to be very secretive. i do know this -- here everybody they havealk about -- apparently visited with the offense of or nader in seattle. the seahawks have a first-round bye. we talked to a consultant. they have made a date with the ravens offense of court nader.
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but -- the ravens offense of court nader -- the ravens o ffensive coordinator. he played in the all-american game and announced he is going to the university of l -- arizona. he was the 15th ranked recruit in the nation. he is headed to arizona. and jay cutler agreed to a deal with the bears. he is 30 years old. he -- they just finished 8-8. >> move that decimal point. >> there you go. >> >> with the weather, the top
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trending story on you can also get up to the date -- up-to-the-minute weather information on our app. we'll have the latest school closings and- delays on good morning washington. >> she realize she was not
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concern. --we will could desk continuing to make the move from west to east. exceptionally happy snow.
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-- heavy snow. advisoryr weather remains in effect overnight. the whole area tomorrow through midday under a wind advisory. gusts of 50 miles per hour. a wind chill advisory. wind chills 5-15 below. our temperatures will have a hard time getting of the teens in some areas. low 20's and others. windy and cold. a lot of ice problems overnight. we'll highlight that first thing tomorrow. >> think so much. >> thanks for joining us.
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